The Many Faces of Yamara
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The Cartoon Character
Creation of an Alias
Self-Bestowed Titles

By this point you're probably wondering what in the world Yamara actually is, and where I got it from. Perhaps you aren't. Regardless, I'm going to tell you.

Yamara is actually a cartoon character from a strip in Dragon Magazine. The strip was compiled into the Yamara Comic Book. Yamara is a spunky ill-fated halfling who is constantly striving to become a master thief. The strip originally started out with AD&D jokes, and then proceded to get very obscure by adding player researched spells, man-made (perhaps drow-made is more correct) monsters, and finally a space-faring voyage in a boat to a different world. The cartoon has continued past the book, but I have unfortunately lost track of the plot. However, the creators have a
web site.

I've been using the nickname Yamara for many ages gone by. This translates to about 5 years, perhaps longer. In addition to the occassional MUD, MOO, or MUSE I've been seen on, I BBSed for a significant part of my childhood. I hung out on a few of the Marin/Sonoma boards, spending a lot of time on the local
Broderbund BBS. With a 32 line chat, and a lot of bored teenagers, we managed to amass some interesting gatherings.

Vaguely related to my use of Yamara as an alias/handle/ID/(insert synonym here) are the titles I use. Just pick one, and it'll be somewhat unsatisfyingly or exhaustingly explained.

Plush Goddess of Thievery (Undisciplined)
High Priestess of Sheep
President of High Weirdness by Mail (Northern California Branch)
Queen of Squash

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