Dicelantis: A Dicey Prospect

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Components: Board Game Odds 'n Ends
Skills: Graphic Design
Learn More: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/188215/item/4775086#item4775086
Demand only the highest quality of tentacle.

I've had a strange desire to design some dice, and was keeping an eye out for a good dice game that didn't require a throw-away score sheet, but also had some more interaction or decisions than pure press-your-luck games like Zombie Dice.

Dicelantis was designed with solely dice components, which are used in different ways, with a bit of 'take that' interplay between players, and competition for the central pool of survivor dice. The instructions were crisp and short, a welcome aspect and a difficult task to do. The art had really good composition and concept, but needed some cleaning up.

As this is for my own use, I provided minor variety between the survivor faces and waves, to give some life to the dice.