Hauling Astronauts

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Components: Board Game
Skills: Art Graphic Design Photo Manipulation
Learn More: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1520582/

I've been in a mood to tinker with dice lately, and, as part of the 2016 One Page PNP Contest, I ran across Hauling A'. Self described as a space themed yahtzee meets tic-tac-toe puzzler, the curious layout caught my eye. I jazzed it up with kind of a 50s retro future look. I'm particularly pleased with the way the windows on the ships mirror the amount of dice pips that score best for that ship, as well as the imaginary currency, the Yuro.

The designer used my art redesign for the contest as well as for the BoardGameGeek listing. The game was awarded second place for Best Art and Design in both the 2016 Print and Play Game Design Awards and the 2016 One Page PNP Contest.

Special thanks to NASA for the planets I modified.