Making History: A Mottainai Retheme

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Components: Board Game
Skills: Graphic Design Photo Manipulation
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From religion to history.

Mottainai is a game by Chris Chudyk, distilling his ideas from Glory To Rome into a single deck. He generously made the game available as a print and play, then began a successful Kickstarter production run. It's a game about monks crafting baubles and selling them to tourists.

And that just felt weird to me. I know monks sell things, but it felt like a rather odd pairing. And some of the mechanisms didn't feel intuitive to me with that theme. So I rethemed it using California Natural History Museums. Instead of selling things, you are creating exhibits and archives. I think the game mechanisms make more sense, but the resource names aren't as elegant.

Photos used were under Creative Commons license. Game files are available on the BoardGameGeek site, with permission from the publisher.