A Sea of Green: A Deep Sea Adventure retheme

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Components: Board Game Odds 'n Ends
Skills: Art Graphic Design
Learn More: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/188215/item/4737030#item4737030

I'd considered retheming Deep Sea Adventure for a long time, but the art and theming were so wonderful already, I was stymied. Finally I was inspired by licensed Beatles art from Dark Hall Mansion and it all came together:

You are inhabitants of the yellow submarine, collecting things to make the most swank fish tank. This fits in a mint tin, and I've got a wrap on the mint tin that wraps the straight edges so you can see title, play time, player count and the like. It solves a lot of problems with reusing mint tins and not being able to stack them and still browse the games.

I've dabbled with a 3D printer, and made some diving meeples to go with it.

Special thanks to Oink Games and their designer/CEO, who has granted me permission to provide the files for my retheme.