The Alphathon

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Components: Button Clothing Poster Odds 'n Ends Logo
Skills: Graphic Design
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An Unconventional Contest for The Unconventional Gamer

The Prank for PAX Prime 2012 centered around the idea of the PAX Omegathon. Getting the general PAX goers into the idea of a contest. Unlike the real Omegathon, the Alphathon had no particular rules for qualifying or such, just required engagement and perhaps a bit of dancing.

One thing that always impresses me about the PAX Prank is the depth of detail the organizers get into for the backstory, to make everything shine. In this case, the backstory was that the Alphathon was run by an off-market knock-off of Penny Arcade, called Peso Arcade. There were somehow lawyers involved, various business cards, and, of course, giant banners, swag stickers and buttons.