Arctic Dash: A Narwhal Race

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A race to get your feet wet.

I had been wanting to see a game that used clusters of hexes on a tile. And I have been slowly slowly working on illustrating a narwhal kid's book with my husband. These inspired Arctic Dash.

I wanted a roll and move game to play once my son is about 4 or 5ish. Something anyone wouldn't be bored to tears playing. Arctic Dash seeks to keep the race tight for the young or unlucky, but also give some feeling of tactics and a few meaningful decisions for adults who have played it all before.

Ultimately it's a 3-5 player race game with a buildable board, a play time that doesn't overstay it's welcome, and some cute narwhals. Mike helped me clean up the rules, and I tried to stick with some quirky art to tie it together.

This game won 1st place by the guest judge in the 2016 One Page Contest on BoardGameGeek. Instructions and game files are available on BoardGameGeek.