Lantern Corps: Battle Line Retheme

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Components: Board Game
Skills: Graphic Design Photo Manipulation
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Lanterns beget Lanterns.

There's a rather mellow game called Lanterns, about making the most beautiful display of lanterns for the festival, and dedicated it to your ancestors. A friend thought it needed to be about the Lantern Corps, of Green Lantern fame. Because Lanterns.

Lanterns thus transforms into an epic battle of manipulating your powers and other Lanterns into proving your superiority by winning more points. I made backgrounds to reflect the powers of each Lantern Corp, and modified some Lantern symbols to better reflect the style of that used in the comics.

There were already about enough cards for playing Battle Line as well, so I modified the cards to also play that.

Lantern Corps comics are property of DC Comics. This deck was for personal use only.