Hot Toppings: A Sweet Retheme

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Components: Board Game Logo
Skills: Art Graphic Design
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Sweet Treats was an entry into the 2018 Children's PNP Contest. It was designed as an intro into set collection, with a simple layout for kids to be able to learn colors and some light letter learning. Advanced rules were provided for making 2D sets. The game seemed simple but fun! But if I play games about ice cream, my son will want ice cream, so I rethemed it to be about 4 foods with common toppings: tacos, ramen, salad, and pizza.

I'm very pleased with many aspects of the art I made. The central food art would benefit from being drawn individually, versus pasting in common toppings. That kind of time investment is something I'll do if I either get a yearning for drawing mushrooms, or if the game catches my son's imagination alight. For now, it's eminently playable.

We might have a side of ice cream anyway.