Surf's Up: Abandon Ship with better abandon

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Components: Board Game Odds 'n Ends
Skills: Graphic Design
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In looking for more simple games that could be played with young kids, someone recommended Abandon Ship to me. The game had interesting dice, and kind of a co-op movement idea, that sounded more interesting than your usual Candyland fare. The theme, however, was rats jumping ship, with several unlucky rats drowning. All fine, but more gruesome than I needed.

In retheming the game, I went with surfers in a contest. The first to land crashes on the beach, having gone too fast, with others landing making ranked places. Buoys could be surfed around for extra points. Each player is rooting for their own 3 favorite surfers.

Instead of having the whole board segment slide, which takes up tons of table space, I made a 3D printed wave, large enough for the 3D printed surf meeples to surf on, should such be needed. It has the added benefit that surfers caught by the wave make a nice tumble off the back.