I'm working more and child-watching more, so with all that, there's less headspace for drawing and thinking.

I have about 2/3rds of a prototype for Bees in Space. Kind of a multi-player Deep Space D6 thing, that I hope to throw in some tangential learning and goals to provide differentiation. (I haven't actually played Deep Space D6 yet, so I'm kind of guessing on that front.) Expect glacial slowness. (Your tidbit of the day, bees did okay in space, but the larva laid there didn't.)

Pavemint playtesting by me will have to wait until general household health has improved. Too many colds, fevers, and other obnoxious things this whole season. There's definitely some neat ideas, but I really want it better tested before I'm comfortable making a game listing for it. Would love outside testers.

Poking along at the Pandemic: The Cure retheme with Avengers/SHIELD. Got all the cards done. Halfway through stickering the almost 100 dice. It's a lot of dice. I didn't count the dice before I started retheming. Gotta remember to sanity check things better.

And my new drawing project, now that Ambagibus is done, is a Greek Odyssey/god retheme for Magic Maze. The game sounds like it could be fun if chaotic with kids. Okay, maybe the retheme might not make sense with kids in mind, but... it does fit quite nicely: each direction is one of the winds provided by the gods; the boats are different myths like Odysseus, the ferry boatman, and such. And then I'll try to make the map tiles be more like an old line drawing map. Ambagibus took over a year; this will likely take as long.