A few things I've been working on have won awards!

  • Arctic Dash won first place by the Guest Judge for best game in the 2016 One Page PNP Contest.
  • Hauling Astronauts won second place for best art in both the 2016 PNP Game Design Awards and the 2016 One Page PNP Contest.

I also started working on a game as part of the 2016 Mint Tin Contest. Pavemint is a game about back-alley skateboard contests. It's playable now, but I need some time playtesting and refining. There are more moving parts that need balancing, but I think there's a game there.

And along the way I'm retheming Pandemic: The Cure to be about the Avengers, and retheming Gulo Gulo to be about Yoshi as a gift for my son. And perhaps played a lot of Stardew Valley. And rearranging a lot of stored things in the house.