Frankendeck: Many Cards for Many Games

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Components: Board Game
Skills: Art Graphic Design
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And yea, they looked upon the games and saw they were made of many similarly numbered cards.

A number of people have created specialized decks to play Battle Line, Lost Cities, and Parade. I liked this idea, but as I got started, it felt like there were a lot of other games as well that also could be played with various numbered and suited/colored cards. This deck has 7 suits in rainbow colors (including indigo!) and numbered from 0 to 10, including a Joker.

Part of the goal of this project was to practice different styles of drawing, while trying to maintain consistency of the whole. As such, I used existing artwork. The illustrations feature various children's story and comic characters, with each suit having a theme:

  • Red : Alice in Wonderland
  • Orange : Boynton characters
  • Yellow : Cartoons
  • Green : Classic children's stories
  • Blue : Seuss characters
  • Indigo : Fables and classic tales
  • Violet : New children's stories