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Components: Board Game
Skills: Art Graphic Design
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Wait... mice don't like cheese?

While reading children's books, I learned that mice don't like cheese all that much. It seemed weird that everything involving mice involves them going crazy for cheese, so I thought as long as I'm redrawing everything under the sun, why not fix that aspect in this game while I'm at it. The foods were chosen as things mice might actually want to eat, and also happen to be different colors. (Mice can't eat grapes? Huh.)

I redrew this game in order to have more young-friendly but adult-friendly games to play with my son. This one is co-op. also a bonus. I wanted to try a faux mis-printed block print look. I'm happy with how it turned out, though I'm not certain it was actually the style of faux mis-print I was going for.

I split the board in two, having a cat-walking-timer section and a gameboard section. This allows it to fit in a smaller box, and has the added benefit of allowing my son to bounce the cat along the path rather joyously without jostling the gameboard.