Jurassic Park Mini: Zooloretto With Bite

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Components: Board Game
Skills: Graphic Design Photo Manipulation
Learn More: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/188215/item/4824541#item4824541
A park with a bit more roar.

Continuing in my search for kid-friendly games, I came across Zooloretto Mini. It looked like an interesting quick game, but I already have so many games featuring cute animals. I decided I needed more dinosaurs instead... in the form of fake dinosaur stickers.

I opted for full player boards, combining the Jurassic Park raptor cage (as the 'barn') with the electrified fence, adding in grass, various rain forestry, and some plants. This forms kind of a flattened sticker area for the dinosaur sticker tokens, like those you get in those books of stickers.

Dinosaurs were taken from art with an open license, in case someone wants to use the dinosaurs in their own official copy of Zooloretto or Zooloretto Mini.