Yoshi Yoshi: A Gulo Gulo Retheme

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Components: Board Game Odds 'n Ends
Skills: Graphic Design
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Gulo Gulo seemed like a simple kind of game, with some features I like: compact, building your own board. Art seemed not my style, and the game was out of print in favor of Pharoah's Gulo Gulo, which seemed a little too old in age for my son, still only age 4. Someone else had rethemed the game with Yoshis, and that seemed pretty darned perfect to me as well.

Now, the various types of Yoshi are racing along the path, trying to save Baby Mario, similar to the story of Yoshi's Island. A large piranha plant, which I painted onto the alarm pole, hovers over. It all makes about as much sense as the original Gulo Gulo theme did. I 3D printed a few Yoshi, as I couldn't find Yoshi minis of size or color I needed, and repainted the Pharoah's Gulo Gulo spheres to match the new tiles, based off Yoshi's Island art, which I redrew.

Ultimately this was more about upscaling and reusing existing art resources for a quick fan game, but I'm happy with how it holds the theme off-screen.

(Yoshi and Mario are property of Nintendo. This game was made for personal, private use only, and files are not available.)