Someone clued me into Pelican Cove, a cute game of placing pelicans where they'd like, before a timer runs out. The Pelican version has better iconography than the original theme, but appears to be a little harder to acquire.

Though perfect to retheme as a game on how to seat your wedding guests, I decided that wouldn't actually be fun. Instead you are a pet shop owner, and the animals all have particular places they prefer to sit, or they just scare off all the customers with their noise. I can use the bowling pin shapes for the pieces, and draw various animals kind of in that shape. Wiener dog (yellow), tabby cat (orange), corn snake (red), turtle? iguana? (green), parrot (blue), rabbit (white), fish? (purple), and mouse? hamster? (black).

I'm still deciding on a drawing style, though leaning towards figuring out how to make things look 'watercolored' in Photoshop, with black lining.